Organic Gardening

We are totally into organic gardening.  We look at organic gardening as an art-form. a much loved hobby, yet even as a necessity.  Organic gardening has so much more to offer, more than most people know.

It is not just about gardening without harmful pesticides or chemicals, or not using genetically altered seeds.  It is not just about gardening with natural manure and compost.  It is far more than that.  Primarily it is about first nourishing the billions of plant-like organisms in the soil so that they can nourish the higher plants, which ultimately nourish us with millions of unseen components that are so numerous most will never be known or discovered.

Working with fulvic acids and humic substances as a research scientist, I have learned things that few people know about organic gardening.  It is really quite simple actually.  Humic substances are the very essence of the rich black soil humus.  The humic substances in organic soil are move valuable than gold.  The fulvic acids that come from humic substances are the water soluble portions that are available to plants.  Without these mostly unknown components, all life on earth would eventually cease.

What most people don’t know is that one teaspoon of rich soil humus is primarily made up of billions of plant-like microorganisms and millions of species.  There are more living and dormant individual microorganisms in a teaspoonful of healthy organic soil than there are people living on the earth.

Most of our antibiotics and prescription drugs came from these same single soil-based microorganisms that have been isolated and identified.  Then the pharmaceutical companies figure out how to synthesize the substance, and then they patent it and sell these drugs for a lot of money.  Yet they have only identified a tiny fraction of microorganisms and substances, so small that in the whole scheme of things they are virtually insignificant.  All of science has barely scratched the surface.

Scientists look to the stars and the universe for answers; yet the largest realm of discovery is hidden right under their feet.  The plant-like organisms in healthy organic soil hold all of the solutions to everything, conquering sickness, feeding the hungry, healing the pollution and toxic wastes, providing energy, heating our homes, and so much more.  It is all there right under our feet if we just take the time to be good stewards in the ways that we use and nurture the soil.

Yet other scientist have also proven that these valuable substances, millions of them, are also taken up into our food crops.  When we eat them, they provide health-giving substances far beyond what anyone comprehends.  News media want to sensationalize the idea that there are few additional vitamins or minerals or nutrients in organic foods as compared with conventional.  And in some ways they may be right, because organic agricultural practices have become so easy and lax.

Yet for someone who understands, there is a great lie being told and sold.  There is really no comparison between the good-looking phony hollow foods grown from conventional agricultural practices, compared with the plethora of benefits provided by organic food that is grown right.

Today our agricultural and garden soils are sick because we use herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers on them, which kills many of the most beneficial microorganisms.

So we end up with sick plants that are ridden with insect problems and disease, and are hollow because of lack of nutrition and flavor.  Those industrial-grown plants require chemicals to keep them looking good.  Then we eat the products of the good-looking but sick plants or feed them to our livestock, and wonder why disease is so rampant.  It is really rather simple.

Well, this is what organic gardening is really about.  And you have not been told the whole story and have been misled.  The best way to learn and see, feel and taste the difference, is by doing it yourself.  Believe me, it is worth it.


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